The type of undergarment that a person wears defines the comfort they are experiencing. As such, the choice of undergarments should be made carefully. Different kinds of available underwear for men give ultimate comfort depending on the occasion. For instance, men’s trunks can be categorised into two main sections: comfort and party wear.

Choose Comfort Over Fashion 

The underwear that a person is wearing must be breathable and stretchable. Depending on the occasion and the type of pants a man is wearing, there are different undergarment options available for men to choose from. For instance, trunks are suitable if a person is swimming as they are hidden under the swimwear. Boxers are ideal for a person wearing formal pants or jeans as they provide ultimate comfort and are made of soft material. Meanwhile, wearing a thong or a G-string during a formal presentation can be quite uncomfortable due to the size of the cloth and fabric. Hence, the occasion and the person’s preference have a significant say in deciding the type of underwear a man has to choose. Also, it is best advised to choose comfort over fashion for everyday individuals who are not used to different undergarments. As such, each type of underwear comes with its pros and cons. 

Types of Men’s Underwear

1. Boxer Briefs

They are the most popularly used type of underwear, similar to men’s trunks, and they are broad and as long as your mid-thigh. They provide full coverage and are an excellent option for wearing under jeans and other tight pants. They are made of soft material and are quite stretchable. They provide ultimate comfort to people who engage in physical activities like gymming, jogging, cycling, etc. 

Many brands manufacture boxers that come in different sizes and shapes. And in summers, people can wear just boxers and go to bed as they are exceptionally breathable and allow blood circulation. These trunks can be worn on beaches and on vacations as they make a man look bold and confident. They provide the perfect coverage that makes a man look decent in different pants.

2. Thongs

They are thin undergarments covering only a person’s genital area and butt line. They have an elastic that wraps around the waist, making them quite flexible and stretchable. They are generally used for swimming and romantic purposes, and models and celebrities wear them during different events. Male strippers also use it in strip clubs to provide entertainment. Fashion-forward and wealthy people also wear them. 

3. G-String

This type of underwear provides the least coverage among the undergarments for men. It has a string attached to the elastic and is worn on beaches for tanning, swimming, and romantic purposes. But one should be careful while choosing this type of underwear as the wrong undergarment can be pretty uncomfortable. This is because the material is generally not soft, and the cloth is minimal. 

Buy the Perfect Underwear

Many online and offline stores sell good-quality underwear for men. So if you know your size, you can also order it online. Since many offline stores do not allow the concept of trial and checking the size of an undergarment, there is not much difference in purchasing them online. There are also various offers and discounts available online that make it cheaper than going offline and purchasing. Besides, this saves time and effort involved in going from store to store. 


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