The way you market yourself in the real estate business has a lot to do with how successful you will be in the industry. With digital marketing taking a huge chunk of marketing strategies, you would think other more traditional techniques like real estate farming are not as effective, but they are. 

The most successful real estate agents use all available means to get their name into the market. Postcards are one sure way to establish dominance as a real estate agent in a locality. However, it would be best if you had the expertise to design and curate the postcards in a way that the locals will relate with and make you their go-to real estate agent.

4 Best Postcards for Realtors

1. Open House Postcards

Open house events allow the realtor to interact with buyers and sellers too. For a realtor trying to establish themselves in a new market, open house postcards for realtors will attract a better and more extensive audience. 

The more people show up to your open house, the more potential buyers and sellers you get to meet. We all know that connections are crucial in the real estate business and which better place to make great connections than an open house event?

2. Just Listed Postcards

Another important postcard in the list of postcards for realtors is the just listed postcard. Such a postcard is particularly for updates. It is essential to let people in the neighborhood know which homes are up for sale and other details surrounding the sale, like price. 

You could attract a buyer with the postcard or influence a homeowner to list their property with you. This postcard type helps you establish your brand as the best real estate agent.

3. Just Sold Postcards

You must be wondering why anyone needs to know about a property that is no longer available. In addition to showing the people around how good you are at your job, sending a just sold postcard prompts buyers to action the next time you have a listing. 

Just sold postcards for realtors make buyers want to buy a property from you before it gets off the market. Buyers would like to buy from someone who makes sales because they have excellent properties that will not stay in the market for long. 

4. Market Update Postcards

Both buyers and sellers are interested in information about the market. They want to know the average price of homes around the area, how many have successfully sold within a period, and how long it took to sell them. Such information will make you reliable, making you desirable to home sellers and buyers. That is because having all that knowledge gives you authority in the industry.


Postcards for realtors are an excellent way to market your brand and show attention to the people you are trying to woe for business. It reflects your dedication and attention to detail, making buyers and sellers trust your brand. Also, postcards are easy to make as there are many templates that you can use.


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