Australia is known for its laid-back and easy lifestyle. With almost 12,000 beaches scattered along its 60,000-kilometre coastline, sights of people lounging around the shores could be impossible to miss. Like its relaxed and easygoing way of life, the Australian fashion style exudes a sense of ease as well. You will see many women wearing maxi dresses in Australia all year long since most of the pieces available are often trans-seasonal. 

Australians love to invest in effortless fashion pieces that you can dress up or dress down. Due to the country‚Äôs lavish outdoor lifestyle, everyone would dress in the most relaxed and chic way possible. If you love wearing laid-back maxi dresses, here are several style tips to spruce up or tone down your style for any occasion. 

#1: With Sneakers 

Gone are the days when sneakers were only paired with sportswear. Today, you can match your go-to sports shoes with flowy maxi dresses. It could be the most comfortable way to look dainty and feminine while out and about for some errands. 

Maxi dresses and sneakers also look great if you have a romantic picnic with your loved one in a vineyard or other picturesque places with uneven terrain. It will help you look charming without the risk of tripping, unlike when wearing high heels to these areas. 

#2: With Denim Jacket 

If you plan to go for a walk while wearing your favourite maxi dress, then you must always take your denim jacket anywhere you go. This combination will make you look younger and fresher any time of the day. Further, denim jackets have neutral colours, making them perfect for all skin types. 

But aside from adding more style to your overall look, matching a denim jacket with your maxi dress can be a practical solution to protect you from sudden weather changes. As reports claim that Australia will continue experiencing erratic weather, having a denim jacket can protect you from the cold if the temperature suddenly drops. 

#3: With a Belt

The belt is one of the perfect accessories for maxi dresses in Australia. Most maxi dresses you can find in stores have a straight silhouette that can hide your waist and other assets. 

So if you want to show your curves and highlight your tiny waist, then put a belt around it for that instant transformation. It will break the monotony of the dress and make it look more stylish and exciting.  

#4: With Heels 

A nice pair of stilettos or pumps will look great with any maxi dress, especially if you plan to attend a special event like garden weddings or cocktail parties. It will also make your style more girly and delicate as you walk in your favourite high heeled footwear. 

Moreover, wearing heels can make you look taller. The long hem of the dress will hide the heels, thus giving you the illusion that you are several inches taller than your actual height. 

#5: With Your Desired Accessories 

When accessorising your maxi dress, you can be as straightforward or as bold as you want to be. The choices depend on your fashion taste. You can either use chunky pieces or layer up on thin pieces if you like. You can also use accessories made with different materials. 

However, you must keep the occasion in mind when accessorising your maxi dress. If the event is formal, then go for muted accessories. But if you are going on a fun gathering, then pile up on your chunky and attention-grabbing jewellery. 
Wearing maxi dresses in Australia has been a norm over the years. You only need to learn how to style them properly to help you look good all the time.


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