You would have found the word ‘vaporesso’ mentioned way too often these days. It’s nothing but related to vaping! Vaping is an alternative smoking mechanism where the electric cigarette is smoked. This gets a lot of negative reviews but in reality, they are not as villains as they are portrayed to be. Though they have some negligible side effects, their potential positive aspects overshadow the negative ones. We have listed the benefits of vaping in this article which you can take with a pinch of salt. Because at the end of the day, smoking shouldn’t be encouraged. 

1. Safer than Smoking

There is no combustion or smoke involved in the vaping which prevents them from releasing any toxic harmful gases like carbon monoxide. This prevents lung infections or possible cancers. 

2. No odors

The vapes don’t really have any noxious smokes or nicotine. This carries an aroma but that’s definitely not the burning cigarettes. Many people can’t even know that you are smoking, simply because of the pleasant aroma. 

3. Control over Nicotine

The vape juice you take would have different dosages of nicotine – low nicotine, or high nicotine. The concentration of the nicotine would differ from one juice to another. Someone who is trying to get rid of their cigarette habits would find start with high dose nicotine and then slowly go to low dose nicotine. 

4. Control vapor Output

With the vapes, you can control the amount of vapor you exhale. You can adjust the power output, airflow, and coil flow and fine-tune your vapor output. You can have a subtle or stealthy one based on your choice. 

5. Different Flavors

There are too many types of flavors – almost everything actually! There are fruits, beverages, mint, menthol, and tobacco. There are sometimes combinations of many flavors in the vape juice. You have too many choices to pick!

6. Instant Satisfaction

The most important thing about vapes is the satisfaction it gives which is equal to that of ordinary cigarettes. The reason people resort to vapes due to the harmful effects of ordinary cigarettes. 

7. No experience needed

Many think that vaping is some rocket science but in reality, it is not much of a difficult task. You actually don’t need much experience when it comes to vaping. In fact, it is easier than ordinary cigarette smoking. 

8. Access/Availability

You can get them from any vape shop, convenience store, gas shop, gas station, or even smoke shop. Vaporesso became widely popular with everyone very quickly that people started relating ‘vaping’ with ‘vaporesso’.

We hope that you are got to know the benefits and misinformation floated around vaping. We are reiterating yet again that vaping is not cent percent harmless, probably it can be said that it is 95% less harmful than that cigarettes. There are many reports which are claiming that allergic symptom in the fraction of first-hand vape users. In some cultures, this is seen as a habit that encourages smoking. So, we are telling you the two sides of the story. Vaping is a great alternative to smoking as it offers a nicotine-free smoking-like experience. But, vaping is not a perfect choice too. It’s not the best path to choose. And also it’s not the answer for everyone. So, we are leaving you the choice to decide on whether to use it or not.


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