8th Generation of Intel Core Processors

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These days Intel has introduced its 8th generation of U-Series Core Processors which can contribute greatly to the Apple’s future MacBooks. These chips are aimed to increase the speed of computing productivity, let alone the laptops work.

The deal is that the Intel Core Processors of the 8th generation for mobile devices provides users with many benefits and improvements in comparison to the 7th generation processors. There is highly-developed Macsteam.net with the Clear Cache on Mac function.  Besides it, the new chips bring the productivity up to 40%. They also ensure up to 10 hours of 4K video playback and much faster photo editing.

Among the new features Intel’s new Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. Thanks to it, new processors stand above others. This technology increases the processor’s frequency using thermal and power headroom. Speaking about base clock speeds, they are a little bit lower. However, the turbo boost 2.0 tech provides the opportunity for the chipsets to be more efficient and high-powered.

Intel reports that the first devices to use the new 8th gen i7/i5 processors will be on market soon. However, customers shouldn’t expect immediate chips adoption by MacBooks. It is not surely about to happen that Apple will offer MacBooks with 32GB RAM in case it uses 8th generation chips. MacBooks are still using LPDDR3 instead of LPDDR4. It can be another reason for Apple just to wait for other processors generations, in particular the MacBook Pro.