How to Delete iOS Apps in iTunes for Mac to Free Up Storage

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If you use the Mac actively and long enough, then in time, the number of installed applications can exceed a hundred. In this case, you hardly use them all regularly, and some may not be used at all.

And everything would be fine, but these programs take place not only in the Finder window, but also on the hard drive of your Mac. Well, it’s time to put things in order in the apps folder, freeing the cherished gigabytes of space!

One of the main factors determining the importance of a particular app is the frequency of its launch. Yes, maybe you have several apps that run every 2 years, but you can’t do without them. However, this is rather an exception to the rules.

You can see the frequency of launching applications in the Finder window. To do this, you must enable the display of objects in the form of a list (View > List), press Command-J and click the Date of the last open. Now you can see which applications were launched less often than others.

It remains only to remove unnecessary programs. This is done by a combination of Command-Del keys, or by simply dragging an object into the Trash. Make sure that the trash does not hit anything superfluous, right click on it and select Empty Trash.

Uninstall Apps in iTunes

Select all, and then press “Control” to select the option you want to delete
  1. In iTunes, go to the Apps view under Library in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Edit > Select All or Command-A.
  3. Click any part of the selection with the right mouse button.
  4. Select “Delete“.
  5. Confirm deletion. Please note that the dialog box indicates that apps are not being removed from iOS devices.
  6. When prompted, click Move to Trash
  7. Finder > Empty Trash in Finder.
iTunes makes sure you want to delete these iOS apps