Deprecating Rafts of Services is Expected

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Apple takes a dim view of a great number of main network services which are included in macOS Server this year. Apple company stated that all customers should be prepared for some significant changes since macOS Server is going to focus more on the computers management, management of different devices and storage on your network. It leads to changes in the whole system, mainly how service works as the whole.

There is a number of services which will be replaced by new ones, aimed to make the usage better and faultless. These installations will be introduced in spring 2018.

Here are some services which will be removed in a new release of macOS server: calendar and contact support, Web server, virtual private networking, Domain Name Services, mail, instant messages, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and the Wiki.

Apple states that customers who have already configured some services from the list given above will still be able to use them in the spring 2018 macOS Server update. However, there will be created some alternative versions of services which should be considered as replacements by macOS Server users.

Apple stopped working with the server hardware space in 2010. It was the time when Steve Jobs announced that the company finished its collaboration with Xserve rackmount servers, which were first introduced in May 2002. However, the two alternatives were presented as the solutions to Xserve. They included the Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server and the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server. At the same time macsteam will be highly developed, with a strong Mac Cleanup App.

These days, each can get macOS Server version 5.5 for $19.99 using the App Store. It goes as an addition to the standard desktop version of High Sierra macOS.