For those of you who have been working hard and need a break, this post is for you. The following are 12 signs that it’s time to take a vacation: The first sign that you must take a vacation is if your computer has become infected with malware or spyware. One way to prevent these types of infections from happening is by installing anti-virus software on your computer. However, sometimes the damage has already been done and your device needs some R&R as well as an updated antivirus program. Another sign that it’s time to go on vacation is when you find yourself losing focus at work due to distractions such as coworkers chatting nearby or even just being bored out of your mind during another day in the office. Not only will a vacation get rid of these distractions, but it will also give you an opportunity to regroup and refocus on what is important – your work. A third sign that you need to take a break from the daily grind is if you are constantly sick or catching every bug going around because your immune system has been weakened due to stress and lack of sleep. A long overdue holiday in which you can relax, recharge and re-energize yourself both physically as well as mentally should do the trick just fine! Next up on our list of signs that it’s time for a holiday is when all your efforts at trying to save money have failed miserably, leaving very little left over each month once all your necessary bills have been paid. Instead of continuing to cut out your daily coffee or lunch breaks, it might be a good idea to plan ahead and book that well deserved vacation instead! If you are constantly getting sick with one cold after the other due to lack of sleep because you’re working overtime just so you can get everything done on time as per usual – then this is another sign that should not go ignored. Not only will going on an overdue holiday provide much needed rest for both mind and body, but being away from work will also give your immune system some added support which in turn means no more catching every bug going around at the office! Another clear indication that it’s time for a break is when all attempts by friends


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