The song “Die When You Die” by the band My Chemical Romance is a haunting tune that will have you singing along in no time. The lyrics are about living life to its fullest and not being afraid of death because it’s just another part of life. Although the song has been around for over 10 years, many people still find themselves humming or singing this catchy tune from time to time. Keyword: die when you die lyrics die when you die lyrics, My Chemical Romance, MCR, MCR songs. mcr death song lyrics. how to die my chemical romance lyrics. mpd psycho ex boy band girl goth punk alternative rock pop alternative singers male vocalists lyric video description music videos top 100 list all time best of the 80s 90s 200s decade bands official music videos dvd release date upcoming releases new single album cover art fanart black parade live action show stage production play musical movie soundtrack film soundtracks concert tour dates reunion world tours hot topic emo screamo goregous beautiful dark romantic electronic indie edgy sad depressing suicide broken hearted depression tormented pain lonely loneliness troubled love story deep meaningful touching soulmate relationship friendship quotes poetry words word picture image photo pic photo gallery band photos music videos life lyric video artist artwork album cover art song lyrics for lyrics rock rock&roll alternative emo screamo goth punk post hardcore deathrock horrorpunk metalcore math core skinny pants polyvore mcrmy mychemicalromance mybrainhurts blackparade theblackparade bands notofnogooduseonthisplanet earthbound humans disturbed disturbedlyrics mychemicalromancefan jamesbobnob i feel fine dyesubliminal thepinupfiles popteen cute dailysugarskull skulldaily kawaiikokoro moodboard moodboarddaily deathgrips runthejewels music mcrmy blackparade notofnogooduseonthisplanet disturbedlyrics theblackparade rockband mychemicalromancefanart liam hemsworth emo moodboard dailytumblrpost tumblr reallysadcries swag kawaii cute outfits makeup fashion gothic glamour dark depressing depressingquotes yellow raincoat girl rainy day umbrella red head sad suicide self harm cutter feelpain pain depression teenage lifealone alone darkandwild justinbieber love cool fun vedio games gamer nerd gamergirl nerdgirl dorky funny meme face shirtless tattoos hot guys pics selfies pretty eyes waist hip body curves beautiful fitnessbs strong arms pectorals


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