Do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open? Contrary to popular belief, no. Guinea pigs are the only animal in which this is true of. They do not have eyelids and so must sleep with their eyes closed or risk drying out their eyeballs. They are more likely to rest with their eyes closed, rather than open as they do not have eyelids. Guinea pigs need a lot of sleep and will take regular naps throughout the day in order to compensate for lost sleep at night. If you start noticing your guinea pig sleeping during the daytime, then this is normal behavior. They are most active between dusk and dawn when it is dark outside but bright indoors so make sure that they always get enough darkness every night even if it means putting up blackout curtains or keeping them shut away somewhere darker where there isn’t any light pollution from street lights etcetera. If your piggie starts getting squinty eyed with crusties around its eyes which looks like dried up tears then this is a sign that it’s not getting enough darkness. If they are left open for too long then the piggy will get dry eyes and may start to scratch them which can lead to discomfort, infections or even blindness in more extreme cases. Their extremely large eye sockets mean that their eyeballs actually move around independently from each other so you might notice your guinea pigs blinking one eye at a time when it rests on its side – this is normal behavior as they cannot blink with both eyes simultaneously like we do. Guinea pigs have very poor vision compared to us humans but don’t fret because most of their senses are better than ours! The only reason why people think guineas sleep with their eyes open is because they tend to keep them open when resting. Guinea pigs can see colors but only very bright colors – brighter than humans anyway, so don’t use red sheets or clothes as it will look like pitch blackness to your piggy! Keywords: guinea pigs sleep with their eyes closed, do guineas sleep with their eyes open, what does a sleeping piggie look like? A good title for this blog post would be Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?: What Does A Sleeping Piggie Look Like? . It captures the topic of the article and has clear keywords relevant to Google searches. The sentence structures are varied and provide variety in tone which helps make content easier reading. This makes


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