In the song “Do I Do” by Jason Mraz, lovers are being questioned about their relationship. The lyrics to this song have been interpreted as a conversation between two people who are debating whether or not they should be together. In the first verse, the man is questioning if he wants to stay with his lover because she talks too much and sleeps too late (lines 1-4). To end it all, he says that he does want to do this for her but can’t seem to find himself (line 7). The woman responds in the second verse saying that she doesn’t know what else she needs besides him (line 5) and continues on by saying that if they can make things work then why not (lines 11-12). She mentions that she does what he wants her to do (line 14) and that their relationship fulfills everything but the physical part of it. In verse three, both parties are going back and forth about how difficult life is when they aren’t together and how much more challenging things get with them being apart (lines 19-21). The woman seems very unsure in this verse because even though they were meant for each other she feels as if there will be someone else out there who can love him better than herself (line 22), which brings a rather sad tone into the song. In line 25, Jason Mraz sings “do I do” multiple times after singing lines 26-27; possibly saying this to question the relationship himself or essentially asking his lover if she loves him back. In the final verse, both of them are saying that they want each other but don’t necessarily need each other (lines 28-30). In line 31 Jason Mraz sings “do I do” once again which could be a response to how he feels about her and their current situation. He says that it will be complicated for us because we love ourselves too much in lines 34-35; implying that one is more self-centered than the other person when they argue with each other and can not compromise on certain aspects of life together like spending time away from home, sleeping schedules, etc. The song ends by repeating three verses as an


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