Have you ever wondered why you love someone? Sometimes it is because of their beauty, but in the case of this song, the singer loves his object of affection not for her beauty but because she makes him feel alive. This song contrasts with our society’s idea that people are motivated primarily by physical attraction. It also talks about how true love can exist without being physical at all when two people find themselves compatible on a deeper level. 1) Physical Attraction Isn’t Always Enough: The lyrics to this song say “Do I need your kiss so much?” and answer “No” – they don’t need to be physically attracted to each other in order to have feelings for one another. This is an important lesson that we need to learn as humans. Physical attraction isn’t the only reason why someone loves you and it usually doesn’t last forever, so focus on what really matters in a relationship: compatibility and communication. A good partner is one who makes your life better, not necessarily more physically fulfilling – when we stop looking for love based purely upon physical appearance we find ourselves able to experience greater happiness with those we are compatible with rather than wasting time trying to force something that just won’t work out between us all. We will never be satisfied if our relationships aren’t built upon mutual respect for each other’s emotional needs! This song echoes this sentiment beautifully through its lyrics “I need somebody I can hold.” “Do I Love You? Maybe but More Likely Because of Your Beauty” Do I need your kiss so much? No! Can’t you see it’s not because of your looks that I want you..? No, this is something more than just physical attraction.. I don’t care if my arms can t hold you tight enough. Or if the love in me would lie awake at night for our love. ‘Cause I only know that when we re together like this and closer still. There s nothing else between us two but air to fill my heart with all the things I’ve been afraid to say: “do i love you?” Maybe, but more likely because of your beauty.”   Do I Love You ? Maybe , But More


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