“Do I make you wanna?” is a song by the artist known as “The Weekend.” It’s a catchy tune that has been played on repeat for many of us. In this blog post, we will explore the lyrics and see what they have to say about relationships. Let’s get started! Do I make you wanna go out? You’re always talking about the next place. It may be a line, it may be true. But do I make you want to leave me now? Do I make you wanna break up? Do we need some space between us now and forever more? You say that your mind is made up.. but is it ’cause of me or someone new? Does he hold you close when nobody else does; when no one knows what goes on behind closed doors at night..? If love was enough then maybe we could work this out right here tonight if our hearts are in sync for just a moment..But since they aren’t, let’s pretend i never brought this up. I’m not tryna make you sad, I just know it’s easier to run away. I hope i haven’t said too much Does anybody love me? Does anybody care if i live or die? Is there a place for my soul in the sky.. Or should I go get another drink..? The Weekend does an excellent job of exploring all sides of relationships and how they affect us as humans. It is clear by listening to this song that he has spent some time thinking about what makes people stay together (or apart). Do we have any choice when it comes to who we are with – do our hearts really choose the ones we want?? If so, then why can’t mine decide where its supposed be at next: in his arms, in the sky.. or wrapped around someone new..? I think I need a drink. Do you want one? We can discuss this more if you like.. But first let me say that my mind is made up too.. Now it’s time for us to go our separate ways. For good this time! Does anybody love me? Is there a place for my soul in the sky.. Or should I go get another drink..? This song reminds us of some important questions we may ask ourselves when relationships are hard. It also shows how many different sides there are to each story and what kinds of outcomes we might have depending on which choices we make next! Let


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