Ever wonder how to make a GIF? In this blog post, we will discuss the steps you need to take in order to create a powerful visual impact with GIFs. A good GIF can have a huge impact on your website and social media marketing strategy. This is especially true for brands looking to build awareness with young audiences. We’ll cover everything from how to simplify the process of making a gif, what type of content works well as a GIF, and examples of successful brands using them now! -Use an effective image – if you are going to spend the time and effort making a GIF, make sure it’s one that is worth your efforts. This means choosing something with high visual impact that people will want to watch over and over again.-GIFs need to be interesting enough on their own or in conjunction with some accompanying text so they don’t come off as boring! Every good GIF needs its content (the visuals) balanced out by surrounding text/font color/style of writing etc. If not, then viewers won’t really have much reason for sticking around after the first few seconds when they realize there isn’t anything more exciting about this particular clip.. A great example would be Starbucks simple video below: It’s short, it’s interesting and most importantly the use of different colors in their GIF matches perfectly with the overall branding. A good GIF is typically something that stands on its own as an image or video without any other text/images to accompany it. A great way to get started making your very own visual content is by taking existing media (photos, videos) from across the web—iStockphoto , Pixabay are both great places to start! You can also create a custom .gif if you have access into Adobe Photoshop which allows for some really cool editing features like adding filters and overlays. We recommend using gifomatic Online tool that makes creating animated images quick and easy Click here Gif-o-Matic.com A good example of a brand that does an excellent job at balancing out their GIF content with surrounding text/font color is Redbull below: -Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are some of the best places to post your new .gif creations -Take the time to really think about what type of audience you’re going for when designing your GIFs. Once you have this figured out it will make promoting them on social media much easier! Often times brands end up making two separate versions of one GIF because they want to reach different audiences.-GIFs can be used in many ways from adding flair or emphasis behind certain words as shown above by Burger King , using them during live events


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