I am very aware that there are people out there who are as good as me at con games. I know that I am pretty good at con games.

I know this because I have been conned a lot. I have even gotten conned at conventions. I am well aware of the fact that this is a con game and that I am a con.

Con games are fun, but they aren’t really about getting conned. They are, however, about the con experience. A con game is like a party with a bunch of people playing for money and prizes. In a con, everyone is equal. There is no hierarchy. You are all just playing for money and prizes. If you are good, you win. You don’t have to be good to win.

In a con a con game, you are all just playing for money and prizes. Most of the people playing are not con artists, but con con artists. In most cases, these are people who are conning others. Some of these people are really good at it.

A con artist is, at best, a con con artist. You are playing for the money, but you are not being honest about what you are doing. You are using the game to collect money. You may be a con artist, but it is still a con game. You may be good at it. But a con game is a game.

I’ve been a con artist at times. I’ve been conning others for years. I can con them into giving me money. But that’s not what I’m really doing. I’m using the game to create a false sense of security that I can then use to steal money from other people. I can use the fact that I’m a con artist to fool them into thinking they have a better chance of winning the money than they do.

Many people think of con artists as a sub-group within the general thief class, but they are really really rare. Con artists have a distinct personality that makes them very different from thieves.

i more so consider myself a con artist than anything. I’ve fooled the average person on a few occasions by convincing them that I am a con artist. Most people would probably be pretty happy to see me go to prison but they won’t know the difference when it was my back. But I do have a way of working around this.

You can con people into thinking you’re a con artist. This is all about the psychological trick. Just like a thief, a con artist may have his or her eyes open, but when approached by a potential victim (whether it is a stranger he knows or a stranger he’s been trying to con for some time) he’ll usually close them.

The con artist is someone who lies about who he or she is, whether it’s his or her face, name, or a combination of the two. A con artist is one who is extremely skilled at getting people to take money that the con artist doesn’t have in order to get the other person to give money.


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