A cannabidiol (CBD) tincture is an exceptionally potent extract produced by steeping hemp buds high in the cannabinoid in a solution of alcohol and water. Some providers will incorporate plant-based oils, vinegar, or perhaps glycerin solutions. Still, alcohol is preferred since it boasts the capacity to absorb the most CBD.

Traditionally the concentrated extract is mixed into carrier oils like olive oil, hemp seed oil, or coconut oil to enhance the flavor and the bioavailability. The tincture is an incredibly potent product making them a favored delivery method for many consumers. 

The strength is why these are typically sold in mini dark glass bottles with a dropper for administration.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Cannabidiol tinctures are specifically developed to consist of the greatest potency and highest concentration of CBD. The product also offers the best absorbability, referring to how quickly the cannabinoid saturates into the bloodstream to reach the targeted areas of the brain and body.

The compound has an array of self-care and wellness implications, with the most prominent being its effectiveness in managing and treating debilitating forms of children’s epilepsies. There have been medications with CBD-bases approved by the FDA for treating seizures in children above the age of 2.

Users will find there are countless “science-backed” wellness benefits associated with the use of the CBD products. These include the tincture, including helping with the onset of pain sensation, inflammation, aiding with symptoms related to anxiety, helping with stress, assisting in cases of disrupted sleep patterns, and on. 

Though these claim to be “science-back,” research is not given an official designation as far as efficacy for the compound in any specific condition, with only “promising” results to scientific studies in cases of helping with symptoms of arthritis and various other ailments.

On the other hand, anecdotal reports are much more conclusive, with users indicating success with use in many situations, especially in the area of pain with the use of the products. 

Is Cannabidiol A Safe Compound

The compound has been found to be safe for human consumption, depending on the additives. Without additives in its pure form is safest with minimal side effects, most of which are short-lived. 

According to the “World Health Organization,” there has been no evidence thus far of health issues relating to the use of CBD of any dosage. Go here for details on potential side effects associated with the cannabinoid.

There is no capacity for overdose with cannabidiol. The cannabinoid is non-intoxicating with no chance for creating a “high” with consumption of the products in any form, including the tincture with any strength.

How To Use A CBD Tincture

A cannabidiol tincture carries a high potency meaning there is a high concentration of the cannabinoid, with the suggestion that users consume smaller doses when choosing this delivery method. 

The dark glass bottles that hold the mixture come with a dropper lid or a separate dropper for administration. While overdosing is not a consideration, taking higher amounts also won’t provide a more significant benefit. What it does have the potential to do is create a tolerance for the cannabinoid. 

Once a user becomes tolerant, it would then be necessary to stop the substance for a period before beginning over at the minimum dosage and starting the process again. 

When a user begins taking the drops from the tincture, the idea is to start with the smallest recommended dosage. The manufacturer provides guidelines on the packaging, and a primary doctor can also offer suggestions. 

Variables to consider are:

  • Weight.
  • The intention for use.
  • The severity of the symptoms.
  • The tincture’s potency.

The primary physician will determine if you’re eligible for CBD. The cannabinoid has the potential for interacting with specific medications and possibly interfering with specific underlying conditions. If suitable, there are a few methods for administration:

  • Under the tongue

With this technique, the drops will be placed sublingually (under the tongue), where they will readily absorb into the capillaries without the need to travel through the digestive tract. 

For those hoping for a rapid response, this is an ideal method, especially if you have sudden episodes of pain or bouts of stress. The drops need to be held under the tongue for a few seconds up to a few minutes to ensure adequate absorption and that the cannabinoid makes it to the endocannabinoid system timely.

  • Food and beverages

You can add tincture drops to various food and beverages, use them in many recipes, put them in your morning tea, coffee, cocoa, baked goodies, dressings, salsas, sauces, or soups.

The thing with using your potent tincture in this way is that it will be immediately swallowed with consumption of your edible, meaning it will go to the digestive tract. That means a longer reaction time than if you use the sublingual approach.

Final Thought

Cannabidiol comes in many forms, but of those, the CBD tincture boasts as among the most potent. Due to the strength of this delivery, a user must focus on smaller doses, especially if using the sublingual approach. Learn about the varied forms of CBD at https://honahlee.com.au/articles/types-of-cbd-oil/.

CBD boasts many purported benefits. While scientific studies are showing the efficacy of cannabidiol as promising for its many uses, research is still ongoing, with official approval probably a ways away. 

But as consumers, if we look at it in the right way, we want the researchers to take their time, so we know it’s a solid product we can fully trust when approved.


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