When you play this astonishing and testing genuine experience game, you have one direct objective: Escape in an hour. Players should cooperate to track down hints, address figures, and unwind riddles to figure out how to escape as quickly as possible. It’s a difficult genuine experience for the people who need to encounter something really strange. Escape Room NWI is presenting the principal true departure room game in Northwest Indiana. Escape room games are among the quickest developing new amusement ideas on the planet. They are energizing true experience games in which individuals wind up in a room encompassed with signs.

The lockedinatthelake.com is a unique escape room adventure, right here in Northwest Indiana (NWI), in Cedar Lake. With FOUR rooms designed for kids, teens, and adults, there’s truly something for everyone. If you’re looking for 60 minutes of non-stop excitement, book your adventure today.

The Mystery Chamber.

You wind up caught in a weird room. You have no memory of how you arrived, yet obviously, someone is playing with you. Somebody has made a strange arrangement of education that stand your approach to escaping this insidious chamber. An unpropitious message is scribbled on the wall. You have one hour to get out, save yourselves if possible. You’ll have to utilize your brains, find signs, then settle out if you are to Escape in time. An interesting room escape with surprising turns to test your sleuthing abilities.

The Vault Escape Room.

Your gathering is in the lobby of Safe Holdings Bank, yet you and your buddies are being held inside the bank’s vault. It depends on you to free them, and they’ll help too. They have parts to handle, and the two gatherings should team up in various systems to deliver the prisoners. Whenever you have liberated the prisoners, the entire gathering will team up to get done with the job, and it’s exhilarating. The departure room can be played with as not many as four players. Nonetheless, the ideal number of individuals in a gathering is 6 and 10.


Parents enjoy some time off as your kid sets out on an undertaking given privateers, sorting out riddles and signs that ideally carry them nearer to their objective of tracking down the fortunes of Redbeard. Kids will be working rapidly and quickly to find three awards from the Cedar Lake Sea in time, All while using collaboration and cooperation abilities. An hour of fun inside the Ball family’s lake home. The last Ball relative set up a unique errand with expectations of tracking down a reasonable inheritor of the Ball family fortune. It’s not clear, yet just the most appropriate relatives will acquire what’s in store. Might you at any point be one of them?

Under The Stars.

It is an extremely vivid break room. You’ve gone out with your companions for a climb and are currently caught inside Whispering Woods. You must work in a gathering and utilize the sky to direct you to somewhere safe and secure before dusks up. This room is a mix of innovation as well as locks. This room can oblige somewhere in the range of 2 and 6 individuals. Under the Stars is certainly not an unquestionably startling departure room.