A graph database stores and navigates relationships by representing data as graphs with nodes and queries. Instead of merely storing data as tables and documents, it helps companies understand the relationship between items. Even though relational databases do the same, they cannot efficiently handle the relationships or form connections.

Databases stored as graphs have several advantages like navigating deep hierarchies, finding connections, and developing inter-relationships between them. Neo4j is a cloud-based automated graph platform that lets you store data as it is. 

But what about Neo4j pricing? How much does it cost? What are the elements involved in its pricing? Is there a free version? What are some things you must know before purchasing it? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Neo4j

This database software has several benefits, some of which are mentioned below. 

Access to various tools and applications 

It offers various applications and tools to study data relationships and gain valuable insights. Some of these tools include graph data science, Bloom, cyber query language, several integrators, tools, and data connectors. These help data scientists and developers to build graph-based solutions quickly.

It does not alter data even slightly 

It does not modify the data even slightly while storing it, which is a significant advantage. You can also get queries (requests for information from the available data) that other software is incapable of handling. 

It runs at incredible speeds 

Most developers also prefer it because of the incredible speed at which it provides results. The fast pace comes in handy in various applications, including fraud detection, data science, life sciences, financial services, and knowledge graphs.

You can run it from anywhere  

You can also run it from anywhere you want because it’s a cloud-based service. It offers various cloud-deployment options like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Additionally, you can run it on private clouds or hybrid environments.

What is the pricing structure?

The Neo4j pricing structure of this graph-database management platform depends on the annual subscription; in other words, how you will be using it in your company. 

Several factors determine the overall cost of the platform, like the particular version, data size, scalability, performance, and the number of users. Another factor is the kind of agreement you want, for example, single year or multi-year agreement. 

How much does it cost?

Graph database software like Neo4j offers two kinds of pricing plans for its customers: cloud and self-hosted. Each includes different features and services.

Cloud-based services

It includes AuraDB free and AuraDB professional, and DB Enterprise, of which DB is free and professional costs money. DB Enterprise costs roughly the same as the professional service with some differences.

AuraDB is helpful for small-development projects, experimentation, learning, and prototyping. You can use it for free without a credit card or other payment services. 

DB Professional works best for medium-scale applications in advanced production environments. It offers unlimited database instances, daily backups with seven-day retention, on-demand snapshots, and a credit card or cloud-marketplace billing. 

DB Enterprise has all the professional features, plus 384 GB memory per database, role-based access control, hourly backups with 90-days retention, and 99.95% guaranteed uptime. 

Self-hosted services

You can run this platform on your server under two options: Community and Enterprise Edition.

Community Edition is free and suitable when you are new to the platform or just learning about it. It does not require much assistance, professional services, and support.

The Enterprise Edition comes at a price, which you can find by contacting a graph database expert service. It offers you enterprise-grade availability and security while letting you run it on private or public cloud infrastructure. 

How can database experts help you?

Even though the information above gives you a rough idea of the prices, you must schedule a booking with expert services to know the exact pricing structure. Moreover, database experts will help you decide which plan would work best for you. 
You should be clear about Neo4j pricing before opting for this platform for an upcoming or ongoing project. From incredibly high speeds to large databases, it offers various benefits, and hiring expert database services will help you utilize those to the fullest.


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