Located in Riverside County, Moreno Valley is a city in California with an estimated population of 208,634. Recent data shows Moreno Valley has around 13,199 firms that employ thousands of professionals. VW is one of the popular auto brands in the US. Volkswagen has a track record of selling 340,000 to 360,000 cars over five years. As per the latest data, VW sold 28,446 vehicles in December 2021.

If you are planning to buy a new Volkswagen car in Moreno, a good VW dealer in Moreno Valley can offer a complete range of VW cars for your needs, including sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. Here are some VW cars to look for. 


A sedan is a passenger car offered in a three-box configuration with separate compartments for the engine, luggage, and passengers. Volkswagen has a good lineup of sedans like Passat, Arteon, and Jetta. 

  • Passat

VW Passat is a good mid-sized car with abundant passenger and cargo space. The car has a comfort-tuned suspension that delivers a smooth ride in most road conditions. The Passat has a passenger capacity of five and a luggage capacity of 585 to 639 L. Passat is comparatively larger than Arteon and Jetta. 

  • Arteon 

VW Arteon is a four-door luxury sedan offered in three trim levels. It has enough space for five passengers, and the luggage capacity is around 27.2 cubic feet. In addition, the car is equipped with Dynamic Chassis Control adaptive dampers that deliver good ride quality. 

  • Jetta 

You can buy a two-door or four-door Jetta from a VW dealer in Moreno Valley. Though Jetta also seats five, it has a slightly smaller dimension than Passat, and is generally categorized as a compact sedan. Since Jetta is a smaller car in comparison, it offers better mileage than Passat. Jetta gives you 30 MPG city and 41 mpg highway, while Passat gives 24 MPG and 36MPG mileage, respectively. Though Jetta is a compact sedan, it offers solid cargo space of 14.1 cubic feet. 


VW has a big lineup of SUVs, including Atlas, Tiguan, and Taos. Each SUV has different dimensions, designs, and specifications. For example, Atlas and Tiguan are mid-size SUVs, while Taos is a compact SUV. So make sure to check the specifications in detail before buying a car. 

What to Expect from VW cars

VW builds tough cars, and you will see many old VW cars on the road. Practical and affordable are two things you can expect from VW cars. 

The cars are well-assembled and well-equipped with safety and comfort features that make them a good buy. Experts mention VW cars can easily last around 100,000 miles, and you can easily find 10-year-old VW cars on the road. Here are some things you can expect in VW cars:

Engine Options 

The VW Jetta is powered by a 1.4L turbocharged engine that generates 147 horsepower and has a top speed of 126 mph. In addition, the company offers various engine options for VW Polo-like 1.0 MPI with varied horsepower capacities. Other engine options are 1.0 TSI and 2.0 TSI, generating 207 hp. 

The company offers different engine options for VW sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. The top variants get a powerful engine and the best in transmission technologies. So make sure you check the engine specifications when looking at VW models. 

Comfort Features 

Moreno valley has a land area of 51.27 square miles, and the population density per square mile is 3771.2. VW cars have good comfort features that include carpet mats, chrome-plated accents in the interior, Led interior lighting, folding seats with backrests, and an in-car infotainment system. The cars also have USB charging sockets, ambient lighting, and climate control. 

Safety Features 

VW offers a wide variety of safety technologies in its cars. Every VW car comes with basic safety features like airbags. The top variants in each lineup get maximum safety features. Some of the noteworthy safety features in VW sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs are an anti-lock braking system, curtain airbag system, side-impact airbags, automatic post-collision braking system, disc brakes, electronic stability control, Isofix child seat points, rear head restraints, and many more. 

Driver Assistance Features 

Driving can be stressful for many people. Driver Assistance technologies work to prevent many accidents and keep the driver alert while on the road. VW has developed some advanced driver assistance technologies that are part of its car lineups. Here are some driver assistance features you can expect in VW cars. 

  • Cruise control with speed limiter 
  • Hill hold function
  • Radar sensor controlled distance monitoring system.
  • Power-assisted steering 
  • Parking sensors 

These driving assistance technologies can be helpful when navigating through busy roads or cruising at high speed on highways. The driver assistance technologies are offered as options for low-end variants and standard in top variants. 

To sum up, there is no doubt VW is a reliable auto brand. Whether you are looking for a sedan, hatchback, or SUV, you will always find something reliable in the VW car lineup.


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