I’ve mentioned this before, but you know how people say you should never say what you don’t want to say? It’s true. And while this doesn’t apply to you personally, sometimes you just need to leave a comment in the comment section asking someone to clarify what they’re saying.

I think this is one of those times.

So Ive asked a couple people and they were like, “I dont know what color youre talking about”. And I was like “well I can make you one!”. And they were like “ah.. I dunno.. I think you should make that orange!”, and then they all just went off to get orange paint.

So now you can make orange paint using a blender. You can use the same blender to make white paint.

So the question is really how many colors of paint do you need to make a specific color, and how much time do you need to spend making that color.

The answer is that color just has a very specific range of hues that it can be in. It also has a specific range of tones. One of the most famous and widely used colors is black. But if you want to make a colored version of black, you need to go through a whole other, more complex set of rules. One of the most popular color schemes is that of orange and white.

Like black, orange and white are very, very close to their extremes and can be easily mixed. You can mix orange tones with white tones, and you can mix the extreme orange and white together. The trick is to really understand both the ranges of hues and tones.

When you start thinking about color in a way that is more complicated than just black and orange, you are not just thinking about color, but about how colors are related to each other. That’s why it’s important to understand colors at all levels. The color orange is just one kind of orange, while the color white is another. The colors of black and white are also related, but the way you use them—in a single sentence or two—is just as important.

Like most color associations, the associations between black and white, and between black and orange are actually quite complicated, and each color is just one of many possible combinations. The range of colors is wide, but that’s also true of the shades.

So here is a list of colors that you should be aware of. For each color, I’ve marked how you can associate it with one of the other three colors on the list.


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