I feel that technology has given us so much more freedom to get work done when we don’t have to worry about having the machinery we need there for us. We used to be so dependent on the weather. Now we can be more productive, and more engaged in our work. When I look at the technology we’ve evolved to that’s brought us so many new opportunities, I can see how we can do even more of what we’ve been doing better.

Although we are still reliant on weather for our farming, the advent of the tractor, combine, and other advanced machinery has brought many more opportunities for us to work in the field. In fact, I think that the automation that is now available to us has gone far beyond the need for weather. I see it now as enabling us to work in the field to the maximum extent that we can.

The technology has been so effective because it has enabled farmers to work more and more hours and more efficiently. Most farmers are now so dependent on machinery that their lives and even their family’s are no longer at the mercy of natural events.

I think this is one of the reasons why we’re seeing so many more instances of farm worker/sickness on farms. The advent of the tractor has allowed farmers to work so many more hours that they can’t afford to take time off. The days of the farm hand are over and it’s time for the machine to take over their lives.

With more and more mechanisation of farming, the days of the farmer have come and gone. The machines have made farmers more efficient and productive, but they’ve also cost them their lives and their families. I think the best way for farmers to make up for these lost days is to work less and not be so dependent on machines.

I think that a lot of us were taught to work hard and work long hours when we were kids because that was our only way to get ahead. That kind of mentality only served to create the kind of work ethic that we are now realizing is obsolete. It is the only way to be successful in the modern world, and it was the only way for farm workers to be able to get paid for doing the same thing that farmers used to do for free.

A common myth about the history of farming is that the first farmers worked long hours. They were probably the first to pay for their own labor. As with any myth, there’s a lot of truth to it. But because we’re used to the idea that humans are essentially beasts, it’s easy to forget that the earliest farmers had to work day and night to feed their families and keep their fields productive.

I remember a time when I was living in the Midwest, and I worked a farm. During the summer I would come home and watch my dad and my brother work in the fields. They were really smart kids, and the farm was their life. They would play with the chickens, harvest the crops, and generally just be like kids. But in the winter, my dad would have to go to work in the fields and pick the crops, and it was a lot of work.

The farm we were in was very different from the one we are used to in the Midwest now. In the mid-90’s my father was a farmer in the Midwest. He grew corn, raised cattle, and grew wheat. He’s gone now, but he was a farmer. He was a hardworking guy, and the kids loved him.

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