Known best for its bold appeal and top-notch quality, Prada is one of the biggest names in eyewear brands. They have successfully amalgamated classicism with trendy style, leaving a footprint on the elite eyewear industry. Prada eyewear is manufactured by Luxottica, a reputed name in sports and performance eyeglasses. From its signature Symbole sunglasses to trendsetting prescription glasses, Prada has redefined fashion with its exclusive designs, elegant colours, and thoughtful marketing strategy. Here are a bunch of reasons why Prada glasses frames stand out from the crowd and compete gracefully with dominating brands.

Frame Material

Prada eyewear offers varied combinations of frame materials for the customer to choose from. From durable hypoallergenic frames to lightweight plastic material, Prada prioritises customer satisfaction over profit-making.


People with sensitive skin often suffer from irritation and allergic reactions upon coming into contact with harsh metals. For them, hypoallergenic frames are specially designed with sturdiness and comfort. Hypoallergenic frames are often made up of cellulose acetate, a flexible plastic material that offers lightweight, cost-effectiveness and creativity. This plant-based material is more natural and soothing to the skin. It also preserves the longevity and versatility of the frame.


This is the most frequently used frame material that provides extravagance and style at the same time. Metal frames are timeless, sturdy, and elegant, but lack flexibility. They come with several subcategories like alloy, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium to offer varied options to the customers.


Apart from nylon-based hypoallergenic cellulose acetate, propionate is also used to manufacture plastic frames. They give the utmost flexibility and complement various colour combinations. They are stylish and lightweight, yet durable. The major drawback is its stretchable nature under extreme heat which makes working near flames difficult.

Frame Type

You can enjoy an exclusive collection of full-rim, progressive eligible, and semi-rimless glasses that reflect the brand value of Prada. Whether you have a round or a heart-shaped face, Prada always allows you to opt for your preferred frame type.

Alternate Fit/Low Bridge

For Asians with low nose bridges and high cheekbones, alternate-fit frames perfectly sit on the nose pads, preventing any slippage. The frames come with curved temples that hold behind the ears, ensuring the utmost comfort and safety.

Full Rim

Prada full-rim glasses are compatible with any face shape and offer a vintage style with trendy colours. The retro frames ensure sturdiness and durability while encasing the lens completely. They are lightweight, come in different shapes, and have easy-to-repair hinges that offer flexibility.

Progressive Eligible

Progressive lenses are made from three prescriptions for one pair of glasses. They allow close-up viewing, middle-distance work, and distance viewing, all in the same multifocal lens. Prada frames add fashion to these prescription lenses to allow 40+ users to flaunt their designer eyewear.

Clip On/Magnet

Magnetic frames can be split open from the bridge while their continuous temples hang around the collar with neckbands. They enable easy wearing, prevent loss, and intensify style statements at the same time.


The most fashionable eyewear frames come with semi-rimless designs. They offer flexibility, comfort, and good coverage of the view-field while ensuring sturdiness. Coming in adventurous cat-eye and classic rectangular shapes, Prada’s semi-rimless glasses frames boast their legacy and style.

Summing Up

Prada’s attention to detail has earned it a reputation, brand value, and extravagance. Its five-lettered signature on the frame temples adds to the social status of the wearer while recreating his fashion sensibilities and aristocracy.


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