What service would cost you less money while still doing the job? Of course, it would be Pipe freezing, and reading through this article would help you find out why you should invest in this service. 

Now, Pipe freezing works using liquid carbon dioxide, which efficiently establishes the system’s isolation. The procedure starts with the pipe wrapped in special clamps, making the fluid carbon dioxide flow to the freeze heads and produce dry ice, getting a block to be included in the line. As a result, the tube can endure tons of pounds of force without being damaged. But why exactly should you invest in this service? Here are the reasons why.

No Need to Drain Systems in The Entire Building

System shutdowns are unavoidable when dealing with pipes in refineries, and there is no way to avoid them. However, there are techniques to shorten the period that bust shut the system down without draining the entire building. Using the typical drain-down procedure would take us roughly 14 hours to complete the operation. 

It would take approximately four hours to drain the system, an hour to instal new valves, and another four hours to clean the system. Next, you would need two hours to refill it and another two hours to remove all the air. Lastly, you would need another hour to replace chemicals. This entire process is yet to be completely done as there can be callbacks.

However, this hours-long process can be cut down to only a few hours because freezing the pipes saved at least twelve hours of work. 


All of the fluids in your pipes will be discharged into the town sewage if you drain. So, what’s going on inside those pipes? Those pipes will always be stuffed with hazardous anti-corrosion substances that are exceedingly detrimental to the environment. 

Aside from the environment, these chemicals could be potentially harmful to those who would come in contact with them. For example, plant roots can absorb the substance, which would be transferred to edible plant parts and consumed by humans. Also, children may unknowingly come into direct contact with this, which would be dangerous. 

Besides, emptying chemical substances into the town sewage may be against the laws; hence, freezing your pipes forms a solid block that keeps those dangerous chemicals in place and keeps them out of the sewers.

Cost-efficient Type of Service

For a pipe freeze, the breakdown of costs is straightforward. The entire cost would not even exceed 2,000 dollars. You would only pay for the labour charges and the required pipes needed for your refinery. Unlike normal drainage, it would cost less to freeze your line. 

The usual draining service would cost you a lot. Most clients out there who invested in draining paid almost 8,000 dollars. They also had to pay for a new inhibitor which is approximately 3,000 dollars. There would also be additional charges when you opt for the standard draining service.

The most dependable approach for pipeline repair is freezing your pipes. Freezing presents numerous benefits over merely draining, including time, environmental sustainability, and cost. There’s no reason you might still be draining your pipes when this service provides a faster and more efficient option.


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