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Features that our app provides

Usually, the well-made software contains many useful functions. Mostly, it helps to create very comfortable way to use the application and complete many difficult tasks. The main task of the Cleaner is to make your Mac’s work better and faster.

The core three functions together can create a perfect environment for your Mac’s work.

1. Smart Assistant – The whole process of scanning your system can give you an opportunity to make the performance of Mac better. It perfectly can work in the background without interrupting your activity and you may get small notifications about possible improvements.
2. Cleanup – No more clicks required. This feature is automatically cleaning and scanning your system. When it’s done, you will receive messages with full results in order to delete excess files.
3. Tools – You may not know how powerful your Mac can be. So this feature is made to show how effective your system may work and find unnecessary files, especially those, which fill your disk space.


Apple MacBook Pro

Make your Mac work faster

If you are wasting too much time cleaning your Mac, you may consider the option to install this perfect application. The main aim of  Cleaner is to scan your system and find the unnecessary parts or files in order to delete them.

Product Overview

Many Mac products’ owners around the world are able to clean their system manually, but it is very ineffective in terms of time. This forced us to create a unique app that does everything for you in few seconds.

Often people faced the problems like:

  1. Manual cleaning issues, which may lead to unwanted consequences, like deleting the important files or updates
  2. Wasting money on different applications in order to clean the system. Instead, it didn’t bring any benefits and the disk was still full
  3. Overloaded Mac system with many settings which makes Mac’s system slow and useless due to the undeleted junk
  • Smart Assistant feature is able to scan your system and find the vulnerable sides.
  • Cleanup always makes notifications for you, after successfully system checking and scanning.
  • Tools can turn your Mac into the useful machine with a great performance.

An application of the future

The main advantage of our app, is to make your system better and delete unnecessary files. By the help of main features, you can get a good result in the end.

Customers’ Feedback

Pay Less - Get More

If you are afraid of making wrong decision, do not be. Our application can offer you many advantages for a reasonable price, and you can choose different payment methods. Your Mac deserves better, so you have to make a wise decision.

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    $10 /Month

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  2. Business
    $30 /Month

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  3. Advanced
    $50 /Month

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You have questions - we have answers

Do not hesitate to ask us the questions and we will give you the answers. We can enlighten you in different aspects of our application, how it works and how pleasant the whole process can be.

How can I download and install your application?
Visit our page and follow given instructions
How can I activate it?
You are able to activate the application after scan, and then pick the best option for subscribing.
Do I need to scan manually?
Forget about manual scanning. Cleaner does it for you and control the situation of your system, by sending you notifications and messages.
Is your application completely safe?
There must be no fear, if you decided to install and use our application. It is very safe. The main aims of Cleaner are to make the performance of your Mac better
Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can. Just contact our support team via e-mail and get all information regarding this topic.
Can I renew my subscription?
You may renew your subscription in the application, by clicking the “Renew Button” any time.


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