Is it possible to be a famous caricaturist and at the same time the head of a cheerful international organization? You can if you are Szczepan Sadurski and the organization is called the Party of Good Humor. Unusual curiosities – ciekawostki

Press cartoonist – the fastest caricaturist

Szczepan Sadurski sees smiling faces around him all the time. And for many years he has been doing a lot to make these faces even more. In his youth, he began his satirical career as a newspaper cartoonist. When Polish journalists wrote that he had achieved everything in this profession, he realized his lifelong dream: he founded a publishing house. For 21 years, he published 5 high-circulation newspapers with jokes and humor. The most famous newspaper was the monthly Dobry Humor (The Good Humor).

Since Sadurski was known for his witty drawings, he was invited to company events. He became an event caricaturist, drawing cheerful portraits. After only a few years, he was doing it at an extraordinary pace. No wonder that he began to be invited to events not only in Poland. He drew caricatures in the USA, Australia and European countries. The press wrote that Sadurski is one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. Today, he draws one caricature in 100 seconds or less.

President of the Good Humor Party

Professional success is one thing. Sadurski also tries to cheer up other people after work. He invented the Good Humor Party. It was established in Poland in 2001 and quickly became an international organization from a small organization. Currently, the Good Humor Party has 6,000 members in many countries around the world. Her membership fee is 3 smiles a day. This is another excuse to make everyone smile even more often.

In 2012, the satirist and president of the Good Humor Party came up with the organization’s symbol. The Happy Skyscraper is the smallest skyscraper in the world. Anyone who wants to download a model from the Internet and then take pictures in public places. In front of monuments, stadiums, castles, parliaments. Having fun together is the best opportunity to get the real card of this elite organization.

Travels of a smiling skyscraper

To this day, Happy Skyscraper has been photographed in 700 cities in 70 countries around the world. He brings joy and smile to people who are fans of his travels. Many people are interested in photos posted on social media. The Happy Skyscraper advertises the most cheerful organization in the world and brings a smile to the faces of people who do not know each other, but they have one thing in common: a sense of humor.

Apart from caricatures, Sadurski still creates cheerful drawings. He delivers them to newspapers, creates book illustrations, is invited to TV shows. The signature SADURSKI, with which he signs all his drawings in Poland, has been known for many years.

Currently, a film is being made in Poland about Sadurski, his artistic work and extraordinary activity. We will learn many anecdotes from his interesting life. We will learn many secrets that we did not know about him. Although Sadurski lives in Poland on a daily basis, he knows very well that a smile and a sense of humor are something that connects people all over the world.