YouTube is the largest free video-sharing site that makes it easy to watch videos of all genres. The platform even allows people to create their video and share it with the world. Your YouTube channel can connect with your target audience to share your views/opinion, showcase your talent, or entertain people. Suppose you can amass a considerable number of subscribers and likes. In that case, you can have your name among the list of YouTube millionaires, such as Ryan Kaji and his family, Lilly Singh, Daniel Middleton, etc. 

Yes, YouTube is a place to earn money and lots of it if you can get many views for your videos and companies to put a lot of ads on your video. Even though overnight YouTube sensations are rare today because there are already many YouTubers, it doesn’t hurt to try and be at their level. 

So, here’s a guide for you if you want to become a successful YouTube in 2021 and beyond. 

1. Decide on a specific niche for your YouTube channel

YouTube has everyone one would want to see in one place. There’s some incredible content and a ton of cringe-worthy content. The YouTube channels range from humor and how-to videos to travel vlogs and reviews and everything in between. The first step to becoming a well-known YouTuber is selecting the type of content you want to offer on your channel, such as inspirational, educational, or entertaining. 

Once you’ve found your focus, the next step is to make unique videos that align with your goals and create a unique personality. Focus on being an expert in your niche and as a YouTube, always remember to showcase your true self because the audience likes uniqueness and authenticity. 

Also, consider your target audience and create content in a language that they speak. 

2. Create and edit videos 

Next, you need to start creating videos for your YouTube channel. Make sure your videos are high-quality and they’re adequately planned. Some YouTubers create videos in freestyle, while others use scripts. Pick the style that suits you or try both and see what works best. Also, you need the right equipment for filming the videos, like high-end cameras and lights. But if you’ve just started, you can use your smartphone to create the first few videos and then invest in proper editing. 

If you are creating videos on a Mac, the system comes in-built with video editing tools that you can use. You can learn how to use those tools by watching how-to tutorials on YouTube. 

3. Compress the video before uploading it on YouTube

After you’ve edited your video and are satisfied with the final version, you must compress and make the video smaller before uploading it on YouTube. Compressing video Mac is easy because a lot of tools are available, like Clideo. Compression video tools ensure lossless compression, and the files can be uploaded much faster without losing their quality. Even if you’re creating videos on Windows, you can find myriad video compressors like VideoProc, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, etc. 

4. Create attention-grabbing thumbnails 

The ultimate goal of uploading YouTube videos is to get as many views as possible. So, you need to create attention-grabbing, click-worthy thumbnails for your videos. Video thumbnails give viewers a quick preview of what your video is about when they’re browsing YouTube. 

However, don’t adopt the practice of creating false clickbait video thumbnails to get more views because it’ll not help you in the long run. 

You need to focus your energy on creating appealing and exciting thumbnails that capture the audience’s imagination and arrest their attention. You can use Canva and other free image editing tools to get tons of YouTube thumbnail templates. 

5. Set up your YouTube channel 

Even though this point should have come first on the list, creating a YouTube channel without deciding on the niche or creating videos ready for upload is not worth it. 

You need to have a complete YouTube profile that is visually appealing, welcoming, and warm. You need to use a profile picture and logo of the highest quality and create reliable content to attract subscribers. You can even think of creating a banner image to inform the audience what your channel is about. 

So, these are the preliminary steps to start your YouTube channel and become a famous YouTuber. As for the rest, you must be consistent with your videos, upload videos regularly, and always try to wow your viewers with your content. Whatever you do, you must strive to be the best and don’t bore your audience.