The world of online casinos is changing. And it’s not just big corporations who are unhappy about it. Independent operators, too, are being challenged by the new ways in which people gamble, using their mobiles as opposed to sitting in front of a computer at home.  

The answer, according to software company Playtech, is not to ignore the growing trend of mobile gambling, but to embrace it. That’s why it has created a new mobile application called Anew Eat-and-Run Lookup.

Anew Eat-and-run Lookup 어뉴 먹튀 조회 gives players access to an in-built casino search engine, meaning they can search for whatever they want. This could be specific games or bonuses that are of interest to them –– anything they can imagine. But rather than simply having results presented in a standard list format, the software produces what looks something like a map, and points players in the direction of where they can find what they’re looking for.

Anew Eat-and-run Lookup

The software also allows for players to get on with gambling straight away, because no lengthy downloads are necessary. “Anew Eat-and-run Lookup is a simple, easy-to-use casino search engine that simply gets you to the games you want to play, and lets you play them straight away,” Playtech explained. 

“It’s so easy to use; simply enter your preferred game or bonus into the search box and let Anew Eat-and-run Lookup do the rest as it plots you a path through the most suitable site for your needs.”

Facts about Anew Eat-and-run Lookup

Anew Eat-and-run Lookup has a feature called Deal Maker, which is essentially an interactive game. The idea behind it is that the more games people play, the more points they earn – and the more bonuses they can unlock for themselves.

And if players use Anew Eat-and-run Lookup in conjunction with other Playtech products, then even greater opportunities are presented to them. If they’re already slot players, for example, then they will be able to use their loyalty points to get cash back at other sites in the group. But if they prefer table games instead, then these can also be used to unlock exciting prizes elsewhere in the Playtech network.

What Does the Future Hold?

One of the biggest drivers in mobile gambling is that, when people sit down at a computer, they prefer to be sure they’re going to get a game. A randomised roulette wheel might be fun for a short time, for example, but it’s not what people generally choose if they have other options available.

And this is where Anew Eat-and-run Lookup comes in. Instead of simply giving players a list of games and bonuses from which to choose, it points them directly towards where they can get exactly what they want –– before even leaving the house.

How Does Anew Eat-and-run Lookup Work?

Anew Eat-and-run Lookup works by highlighting which games and bonuses are available in the area you’re in. This can be done in a number of ways, depending on the configuration you choose. 

For example, if you’re playing at a game site with several casinos located around it, then it might show all of them to you. Or if there is only one location nearby, then it will automatically narrow itself down to what it thinks is relevant to your query, based on previously-established conditions such as payouts or deposit requirements etc.