It’s everyone’s dream to always have a beautiful smile. However, dental issues such as gum diseases make it hard to maintain a healthy smile. For that reason, dentists came up with the idea of Invisalign that helps you solve most dental issues. If you consider Invisalign treatment from Kumra Orthodontics, there’re a few measures you must strictly follow to get the best results. These are the dos and don’ts, as discussed below.

Do: Ensure your Invisalign is always clean

Clean your aligners twice daily as a preventive measure. After cleaning, remember to rinse them in lukewarm water. On failure to consistently clean, the aligners accumulate bacteria harmful to your overall dental health. That is why regular cleaning is critical.

Do: Store the aligner inside the Invisalign case

Aligners require lots of care since they’re expensive. Hence, always place them inside the Invisalign case to avoid premature damage. It is the best way of avoiding unnecessary costs.

Do: Embrace soaking the trays daily

The aligner’s trays should be ever clean. They should be soaked using a denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaning crystals. A soft toothbrush can then help clean and remove tiny particles. But before inserting them into the mouth, ensure to rinse them one more time. Most dental health-sensitive people never ignore this measure.

Do: Take enough time to remove Invisalign Aligners

Wear the Invisalign aligners for more than 22hours in a day for optimal outcomes. Regarding experts’ recommendations, you should remove the aligner only if you’re eating, drinking, or brushing teeth.

Don’t: Keep your aligner in an open-air

If you’re not using your aligners, keep them from air exposure. You create a vast room for bacteria to grow. However, it’s possible to leave the Invisalign tray loose since due to its transparency. However, rinse them with clean, warm water before putting them in your mouth.

Don’t: Eat or drink without removing your aligners

Not unless you’re drinking plain; always remember to take off the aligners. They cannot withstand the chewing pressure. If you forget to remove them, your teeth are at risk of straining and developing cavities. These issues are dangerous to people’s dental health.

Don’t: Expose the aligner to any form of heat

Avoid soaking your aligner in hot water. Also, don’t drink a hot beverage with aligners in your mouth. By doing so, your aligners might wrap and leave the trays unfitting. The damage can call for a dentist’s intervention, which can be very costly. To avoid that, take them out while drinking a hot beverage and use lukewarm water to rinse.

Don’t: Clean the aligners using harsh cleaners

Aligners are not noticeable. However, they get pronounced if you clean using harsh cleaners such as toothpaste, chemicals, colored products, and soaps. They might be damaged or even have discoloration to make matters worse.

Don’t: Smoke regularly

Smoking with aligners is dangerous. They should be out of the mouth when smoking. However, removing them is highly unproductive. Thus, you should schedule a specific time for smoking. The most appropriate time is during your meals. Smoking discolors the aligners. To be on the safer side, you can decide to quit smoking. Smoking cessation is healthier because it prevents other chronic conditions like cancer. Thus, someone can improve dental health and keep away other chronic diseases.

Don’t: Eat sticky or sugary foods

Some people are addicted to snacks. Although there’s no restriction regarding any type of food, sticky and sugary foods might keep your aligners off most times. Chewing gum is the worst substance to put in your mouth while under Invisalign treatment. It destroys the aligner’s trays as well as causes teeth cavities.

Don’t: Ignore any appointment with your dentist

Invisalign treatment requires regular monitoring to ensure the progress is as expected. It may require timely change; hence you must visit your dentist as recommended. If you love this service, your next question should be, “How can I find clinics for Invisalign near me?”. Answering this question can help someone access a dentist who is readily accessible to enhance the monitoring process.

The issues discussed above are the major dos and don’ts. They address everything that someone needs for Invisalign to be effective. Stick to the dos and avoid the don’ts. That’s the goal of everyone who cares about their dental health.