Huawei had a wast range of different items. Smartwatch and the smart band are also included in them. Huawei gt2 pro is the best smartwatch by Huawei company and it performs lots of functions at a time.

Huawei gt2 pro is one of the best smartwatches in the series of smartwatch collections but it also had a level about smartwatch gt2 pro. If you want to know all the detailed information about Huawei gt2 pro click on the link and explore the versatility of this smart brand.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the specifications of the Huawei gt2 pro and if you want to buy this watch, firstly read all of its specifications so that you may get an idea about its modification and working style.

Specifications Of Huawei gt2 Pro


  • The overall dimension of Huawei gt2 pro is 46.7mm x 46.7mm x 11.4mm
  • All of these dimensions are theoretically calculated.
  • The overall weight of the Huawei gt2 pro is 52  g
  • Due to its lightweight, it gives you more comfort in your palm.

Watch Case And Straps

  • The color of this beautiful smartwatch is nebula gray.
  • The material of the watch is titanium
  • Its upper body is made up of high-class sapphire glass
  • The color of the straps is attractive brown.
  • All of the straps are made up of premium leather


The display specification includes:

  • 1.39 inches large screen
  • AMOLED range with  454 X 454 HD colored display
  • This screen type support slides and touch gestures.


  • The overall memory of this smartwatch is 4GB 
  • It could be less because the software is also taking the space.
  • It also supports a speakers system


  • The connectivity includes GPS support.
  • It also supports the Bluetooth connectivity of 5.1 BLE and BR


  • It had an accelerometer sensor for the sensation of speed
  • It also contains a gyroscope sensor
  • A geomagnetic sensor is also included
  • Optical heart rate sensor for health monitoring
  • Air pressure sensor

Buttons And Requirements

  • The processing of this smartwatch is done by buttons 
  • It contains two buttons.
  • One is for power and the second one is for functioning.


  • Its battery life is almost 14 days 
  • But the battery timing may also depend on user habit.


  • It can be the highest temperature range of 45c and lowest -20c
  • It is a non-condensation watch that can bear the humidity up to 5%

Water Resistance

  • This smartwatch Huawei gt2 pro is water-resistant.
  • Its resistance is up to 5ATM


  • Its charger and current voltage requirement is almost 5 v 1A.
  • For processing, it needs the connection of Andriod or IOS smartphone.


In this article, we discuss all the specifications of the Huawei gt2 pro. This is the best watch in the series of wearable items in Huawei’s collection of technology. So if you want a smartwatch with lots of advanced technology buy the Huawei gt2 and enjoy your life