We are lucky to live in a free market democracy here in the USA and in any modern society, laws are there to keep things civilized and these laws affect every aspect of our lives. Whether driving your car or taking the dog for a walk, we are all subject to obeying laws and the penalties range from a small fine to the death sentence.

Here are a few of the fields of law that you might encounter at some point in your life.

  • Criminal law – We all know about this field of law and should you ever be charged with a felony crime, don’t say anything until you speak with your attorney. If ever there was a time for legal advice, this would be it and a good lawyer can boost your chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Corporate & business law – This is a very complex field that requires specialist lawyers who represent their clients in million dollar lawsuits and with so much at stake, corporations hire the best in the business when dealing with major cases.
  • Family law – If you want a divorce, or child support, a family attorney is the expert you need. Other areas they cover include making a last will & testament, contesting a will and if you want a prenuptial drawn up before you get married, a family law firm is what you need.
  • Immigration law – There are many foreigners that wish to relocate to the US and if a person wishes to have the best chance of getting a green card, seeking out an immigration law attorney in Vegas is the best way to prepare your application. The immigration lawyer also speaks Spanish, as many from South America are looking to make a life-changing move to the US.
  • Marine & Aviation Law – When a ship sinks or is damaged, there would be an inquiry and that might lead to a lawsuit, the same with aircraft; when a plane goes down, the families of the deceased often decline the airline’s offered compensation figure, as their lawyers advise them to seek more in terms of compensation. 
  • Medical malpractice law – There are many cases whereby a patient feels they have been misdiagnosed or mistreated and they file a lawsuit against the medical establishment. This is a complex field of law where the patient’s attorney tries to prove medical negligence and they are successful more times than not.
  • Environmental law – When an oil tanker has a spill into the ocean, this would warrant the EPA, or another government department filing a lawsuit against the owner of the vessel and these cases can result in a multi-million dollar settlement, which might be reached out of court.

Each law firm specializes in one field, which they know very well and the legal professional always puts their client’s best interests first. When you are in need of legal representation, search online for a local law firm, who would be happy to advise you accordingly.