Green, currently is not just a color but, the need of the planet. In the process of quenching the people’s thirst of becoming technologically advanced, the planet is what suffers the consequences. 

But what is that we are doing for the sake of our motherland? Or to be more precise, what can exactly be done?

The answer to this excruciating question lies within the two words, that is Go Green.

However, to mount a green drive, active participation is needed from the sect that comprises more than half of the population, and that is the youth. 

Although you can easily buy dissertation uk on this topic (if you want a detailed overview), but some of the many ways an educational institution can adopt to contribute to the sustainability of the planet are mentioned below:

Water Stations 

It is a natural tendency to spend a few bucks over a water bottle to quench your thirst instantly, within the campus. But this issue would be aptly resolved when you get exposed to drinking water stations at multiple spots within the college premises. 

It is more obvious to spend less if you get it easily. This step could be coherently cost-effective and environment friendly as there would be a steep decrease in the usage of plastic water bottles that is the sole cause of environmental pollution around the globe.

Managing food waste 

Most of the educational institutions have an active cafeteria working to put in food within those hungry tummies roaming within the campus, but the issue causing growing concern is the amount of food that goes to waste every day. 

The institution should educate the students on making compost from food waste and even organize campaigns for the distribution of the leftover food to the nearby village or the people in need around them.

Optimizing energy waste

It is more common for students to not pay attention to the energy resources they waste every day. They usually tend to forget to switch off the lights and fans while coming out of the lecture halls. 

The student should be held responsible for this wastage and should be scrutinized and fined so that the very next time they won’t repeat being imprudent. 

Be fair, share somewhere

The institution should have an arrangement for transportation or shuttle services in action so that students would not need to carry their vehicles and would inherently save fuel on travel. 

Say no to landfills

It should be brought to the knowledge of the students that the landfills are the source of production of methane gas, part of the greenhouse gases that contribute to the exponentially growing concern of the earth’s global warming. 

The institution should encourage the landfill diversion drive that would help to encounter the problem of land pollution on a larger level. 

To conclude,

Several experts offering best dissertation writing services in USA have derived that the planet is in urgent need of an army of enthusiastic, determinative, and young minds to come into action. The small steps that we would take at our levels would gradually lead to global changes that would ultimately help restore the much-needed life our planet deserves.