Enter App Store System Preferences Without Passwords

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The current version of macOS High Sierra includes a security hole which is considered to provide users with the opportunity to gain access to the Mac and unlock the App Store System Preferences with no password required. The effect is not so strong. However, the security option seems to work not so properly as meant.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About CPU Flaws

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If taking into account the technology of modern CPUs, massive security vulnerabilities need to be redesign somehow in all operating systems. The first problems have already begun to arise, so there should be some actions undertaken to protect operating systems. These issues are called Meltdown and Spectre, and they exist in a great variety of[…]

Deprecating Rafts of Services is Expected

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Apple takes a dim view of a great number of main network services which are included in macOS Server this year. Apple company stated that all customers should be prepared for some significant changes since macOS Server is going to focus more on the computers management, management of different devices and storage on your network.[…]

The Introduction of 18-Core iMac Pro for Customers

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Over six weeks passed from the time of accepting first orders and Apple has already started shipping the 18-core iMac Pro to customers in the United States. It is claimed that first customers got their orders delivered starting with the Tuesday, February 6. Many forum users alerted that their shipping progress are on the go[…]

8th Generation of Intel Core Processors

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These days Intel has introduced its 8th generation of U-Series Core Processors which can contribute greatly to the Apple’s future MacBooks. These chips are aimed to increase the speed of computing productivity, let alone the laptops work.

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