Simple Guidelines on How to Uninstall Safari on Mac

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Safari is one of the most popular web browsers that is usually installed on MacOS as a part of the operating system. However, it is not an easy task to uninstall this browser as any mistake during the removal process can affect the work of other important applications. If you have decided to drag the[…]

How to Delete iOS Apps in iTunes for Mac to Free Up Storage

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If you use the Mac actively and long enough, then in time, the number of installed applications can exceed a hundred. In this case, you hardly use them all regularly, and some may not be used at all. And everything would be fine, but these programs take place not only in the Finder window, but[…]

Which Mac Will You Buy?

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Prior to purchasing a Mac, you could take advantage of a small buying guide, which is sure to provide you plenty of helpful info. Among the variety of devices, there is always one that can satisfy all you current digital needs in the optimal way. We offer an overview of Top five Mac products, which[…]

How to Clean Hard Drive on Mac OS X

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Mac OS X has been viewed as a less complex and uncomplicated alternative to Windows, but it doesn’t mean that this operating system can’t be exposed to slowdowns. This can be triggered by too many files stored on your hard drive that prevent the computer from working properly. However, to solve this issue, you would[…]

Block All Calls on Your iPhone Except Contacts

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The endless stream of unwanted calls can be really nerve-wracking, so you can do nothing but block them. Although, is it possible without including phone numbers from your contact list? Yes, but it means some trade-offs. The Do Not Disturb mode is a convenient iPhone setting which allows you to block notifications, messages or calls.[…]

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