What do you tip weed delivery drivers?

Do you tip weed delivery drivers is a question posed to those who they deliver their cannabis to.

What is the answer to a question like do you tip weed delivery drivers?

The answer is that it depends. Depending on what state you are in, whether or not cannabis is legal in your state and how much cannabis was delivered as well as how much money was paid for that order.

Weed, also known as marijuana and grass, has recently been legalized for recreational use by ten states so far including Alaska, California, Colorado Nevada and Oregon. Those who want to buy weed legally will most likely get it delivered from those states because transporting pot from one place to another isn’t allowed without a license which no one can afford otherwise it costs too much money for them.

What are the features?

Cannabis delivery is done through websites that allow you to get weed delivered to your doorstep or work. You pay the person who delivers the weed and he/she will come pick it up at your house or office.

How much should I tip for delivery of cannabis?

This question is hard to answer because no one really knows how much should you tip for cannabis delivery as not all websites have a tipping option available so checking if there’s a tip option on a website before ordering from them isn’t possible without going online before ordering from them.

What is the difference between how much to tip for delivery of cannabis compared to how much to tip for other things like delivery of food?

There is no known difference. Those who have received food deliveries and those who have received cannabis deliveries both appreciate what little tips the person gave them. Some people think that giving a small extra amount is enough but most people are not aware of that since no one has given an example about how much to give.

How many people tip for delivery?

It depends on how often the person you are delivering weed to delivers it from what website. Cannabis delivery websites all have different policies on how often they deliver and how much they charge for delivery.

Do you tip weed delivery drivers?

This question is similar to the previous one because there isn’t a fixed answer to it. Nationality plays a role in who the person is so if you are delivering pot from a US based website to someone from Poland, you shouldn’t tip your Polish friend since he/she doesn’t understand English language and probably won’t tip for it either.

Who doesn’t tip for weed delivery?

People of European countries don’t tip as well as people from Asian countries and American countries. Basically everyone who isn’t comfortable with English language as a language of tipping or regular communication.

Why don’t you tip?

People don’t tip because they believe that they are going to be charged an arm and a leg for weed delivery and they don’t want to pay more than necessary, so understanding what is necessary is what people need in order to make the right decision on whether or not do you tip weed delivery drivers.

How much does delivery cost?

This question is difficult to answer because there are many factors that affect how much it costs for person’s order of weed delivery. Some of these are the person’s location, taxes, distance from the destination and more. People’s preferences when it comes to price also play a huge role in how much does delivery cost for them. The websites that have been seen that charge reasonable prices for weed delivery are those that are based in states where cannabis is legal for recreational use. 

The weed prices vary between $30 and $40 per gram which is reasonable enough to most customers. Those sites which don’t charge low price for their marijuana are those that don’t deliver from states where cannabis is legal for use as well as those who do charge an arm and a leg because they travel all the way from another state to deliver your order of cannabis.

What are your tips on do you tip weed delivery drivers?

Here are some tips on how much to tip weed delivery drivers. Tips on how much to tip weed delivery drivers. If you want to make sure that the person who delivers your cannabis appreciates a tip, give them $5 more than what they usually deliver. This way they can have extra cash for gas and have a small extra cash while they wait for their next order of cannabis and their next customer.